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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chevette Meets Silver Then Goes "Home"

Today was Chevette's big day! She got to go to her forever home. We took her as far as CleElum, WA where Silver's foster mom met us to take her the last leg to meet her new forever family. When we got to CleElum it was 22 degrees and there was quite a bit of snow. I was worried little Chevette might be too cold. LOL

Chevette loves the snow!

I mean really loves it!

I was trying to hold her back so she wouldn't get too cold.

Face plant! LOL

Hello mom look at me!
More sniffing snow
Looking for sweet Silver

Here I am!

What a doll Silver is and she is available for adoption. You can see more Silver on her foster mom's blog http://yapitude.blogspot.com/

Friday, December 28, 2012

Chevette Has Been Adopted!

A big announcement! Chevette has been adopted. This little sweetie has lived up to her name as she has zoomed into foster care and the hearts of everyone who has met her. She will be zooming back out and into her forever home in time for New Years 2013! And that's not all! She is going to be the little fur-sis to New Rattitude's alumni Jake (aka Sammy) and we could not be more thrilled for this awesome puppy girl! She will be going home on Sunday and Becky who had been Jake's foster mom will be helping to transport Chevette for us to the Eastern side of the state! She is looking forward to meeting Chevette! Happy Tails to all involved, especially Chevette!

Jake is patiently awaiting his new fur sis...
Chevette smiles because she has been adopted by a wonderful family!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chevette Gets To Walk on a Trail

Chevette just loves walking on the trails we take the dogs on. She is loving this leash thing now because she gets to go so many fun places! It was hard to get pictures because there was so much to smell.

Jenny and Chevette

I put her up here and she was nice enough to pose.

Walking like the big dogs.

So much to take in...

Chevette the Social Butterfly

Chevette got to go to the pet food store and do a little more socializing. As you can clearly see she was the hit of the store! We got to talk a lot about rescue and New Rattitude!

That box of Honest Kitchen smells familiar!

Treats make everything good...


Photo op...

She actually was enjoying being in these fuzzy toys.

Everything in this place tastes good enough to eat!

Brave girl...

Whatcha got there nice lady?

More yummies! SCORE.

Yes I will allow this touching in trade for those yummy treats you gave me :)

Just tryin' out this cool car seat

I should be a model, wouldn't you buy one of these cool car seats if you saw me in it?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chevette Goes Belly Up!

The first couple of days Chevette was with us she was understandably not sure about us when we would reach out to pet her or pick her up. We have been making sure to go slow and to let her warm up to us so that we did not break the trust we were working on developing with her. A couple of days ago she looked so cute cuddled up with Jenny, when I got closer to her she stayed in the bed and then she did the amazing.....

When I came downstairs this is what I found. Chevette and Jenny sharing the bed. Notice the tail blurry from wagging.

When I bent down to touch Chevette this is what she did. Gave me her full belly......trust is a beautiful thing. I love her little smile.

Chevette *Goes* in The Snow

Just a quick post. Chevette got to walk in a light dusting of snow the other day. She took it in stride as you can see :)

It smells different out here today.

gOOOd gIIIRRRl....

Friday, December 21, 2012

Chevette and Her Tail Teaser

Chevette is her name and  the Kyjen Tail Teaser is her game! This girl can not get enough of the tail teaser. She likes to chase is on the ground, jump for it when it is in the air, stalk it, pretend like she is ignoring it only to catch it when foster mom is not paying attention. She played with it a full 40 minutes, then she settled down again for a little nap.


Nom nom nom

Enjoying her catch...

This girl can jump! All 4 legs are off the gorund

The hanging tug...

Action shot...

This was so funny. I keep the tail teaser on a hook out on the front porch and Chevette grabbed the tail and tried to pull it back in the house.

Come on tail teaser let's play some more!

She doesn't give up too easy!

Chevette Takes on Birdie

Chevette might be a three month old puppy but she has chosen to play hard Birdie style and we think it is just great fun to watch! Goooooo Chevette!

At the end of this video you will see some fancy begging, dad was standing up eating a snack and the dogs all thought they should get some too!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vespa Lou...

Ahhhhh the sweet words of the good update from the adopters of one of my foster dogs, Vespa Lou (full name is Vespa Louise).....As a foster parent nothing thrills me or warms me to the core as much as getting the great update from an adopter telling us how wonderful everything is going. I will admit that even though we are so confident in the adoption process New Rattitude has in place, and when we handed over little Vespa to her forever moms and felt 100% confident she was in her right and perfect place with her forever family, it is just so comforting to get that update that things are going so well. Here are a couple of snippets from Vespa Lou's update:.....She's been sleeping through the night in her crate and happily playing with her big sis. She's great on the puppy patch, obviously very motivated by clicks and Zukes......We're just coming back from taking her to the Gingerbread House Competition, where she was just as popular as the houses! .....

Vespa and Elphie model their new darling sweaters!

Vespa and Elphie who were BFF's from the minute they met. Happy days from here on out little one!