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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunspotting Troubles for Tim?

The other day I was in the kitchen when I noticed my sweet Timken standing on the arm of my chair looking sort of perplexed. I noticed there was a nice sun stream coming through the window so I figured he was soaking up the warmth, but why not just get in my chair on the soft blanket and get comfortable?

This doesn't look comfortable for the long haul...

I came around to see if I could entice him onto the chair but then I saw what was going on...

Miss Liza was snuggling there already and Tim decided no way did he want to disrupt one of the Queens of the house...smart boy!

Mom could you pleeeeeeeze maybe move Liza so I could get off this chair arm and relax?

Mom, why aren't you doing anything?

Liza holding her ground...eh hem...spot in the sun...

Sometimes we don't always get our way. Poor Tim, he is looking forward to more sun spots in the future and next time I bet HE gets the coveted spot and then Liza will have to stand on the arm of the chair. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Morning Photo Shoot

So far January 2015 has been a wonderful month for long walks with the dogs. Mild temps and not too much rain has had us out pretty much 7 days a week. Last week I tried to get a good shot of all 5 dogs together but only managed to get a few smaller group shots.

Birdie and Skip contemplating together.

Now Liza wonders what is so interesting.

Skip and Liza and a perfectly still pond! Almost doesn't look real.

Birdie, Jenny, Skip, and Tim, but no Liza!
 Maybe one of these days I can get all 5 to be in one place at the same time I have the camera out and ready. :)