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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Isetta and Hudson Will Be Joining Us Soon.

With Morgan and Sunbeam in their forever homes we have room to help two more rescued ratties on their way to their happily ever after. Their names will be Isetta and Hudson. We will be picking them up on Sat as they will be arriving from their long ground transport from Central CA.

Here is a sneak peak of their pictures. We are all ready for them. Crates cleaned and ready, new blankies for each, plenty of high quality food awaits, and of course lots of love and patience. It is always so exciting to get to know a new foster dog and learn about his/her temperament and be able to be part of helping him into his forever home.


Isetta is the chocolate and white doggie in the picture. The other cutie (black and white) will also be in a WA foster home and her name is Scarlett. You can see more of Scarlett on her foster mom's cool blog at http://yapitude.blogspot.com/

Friday, January 25, 2013

Why is Sunbeam Relaxing?

The answer is! Sunbeam is relaxing because she has been adopted!!!! YAY for Sunbeam! She is going to be spending her life in Hood River, OR with a mom, dad, her human brother, and fur-sibling Rita a terrier mix. Sunbeam will be hiking and hanging with her family as they like to take their dogs with them when they travel. They have raised a terrier puppy before and know all about raising a healthy happy pup. They are ready for Sunbeam to make them smile. We are so happy for her and of course for this wonderful family! Happy Tails Sunbeam.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Morgan Has Been Adopted!

Morgan now Arrow has been adopted and boy oh boy did he hit the jackpot! His family lives close to us and also owns the high quality pet food store where we shop. He has a wonderful forever family including a fur sis Rosa a Boxer who will teach him the ropes especially in manners. He also will have 2 human siblings, a sister and brother. Arrow is going to have everything a puppy needs. His dad is going to even introduce puppy socializing classes in the store so Arrow will be able to socialize and fraternize with other puppies from the area. We couldn't be happier for Arrow aka Morgan, and the best part is we will get to visit him all the time and see him grow up! The name Arrow was picked by Sam and his daughter because of their love of the character Arrow in the 70's animation The Point.

 Full length version of The Point

Sam and Arrow (aka Morgan) in the store.

Arrow's new sister who welcomed him with all her heart.

Arrow's brother and fur-sister Rosa more of Arrow's new family

Arrow is going to be one loved on boy.
Sam’s Cats and Dogs
Sam's Cats & Dogs, Naturally

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playtime!....with Birdie

Sunbeam and Morgan do everything together, they chew on the same antler, same shoelaces, try to eat from the same dish, chew from the same bully stick and hoof. They get in the same bed, and try to get my senior dogs to play....together. They are partners in crime! But occasionally Birdie will take them on and she is good for them as she doesn't let them get away with any shenanigans.

Sunbeam and Morgan playing in the bed together

Chewing on frozen kongs together...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunbeam Goes for a Walk

Little Sunbeam is learning to walk on a leash and she is doing well! She loves to stop and smell the smells but in between she does some walking too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morgan is The Man!

Morgan is a total boy. He loves to get things going with his sister Sunbeam, he is not afraid of anything, including the cat, the seniors of the house, or Skip who snarls at him in the morning when Morgan tries to play. Morgan just tries to lick Skip's mouth and paw at him to play "snarly mouth" more! Good-Natured is his middle name and when we are out with him he will run up to anybody to greet them. He is quite the card and keeps us on our toes and laughing at his antics. But don't let all that boy stuff fool you, Morgan also has a sweet side and when he is tired from playing loves to snuggle with his sister or a human lap and snooze away.

Morgan playing bitey face with Sunbeam

What a handsome boy!

More playing....

Starting to relax.

The rattie "off button" love it!

Sunbeam is a Ray of Sunshine.... wrapped up in a puppy.

Meet Sunbeam she is the smallest of the two Rat Terrier/Jack Russel Terrier puppies I am fostering. She is a sweet girl who loves to play with her brother. She is about 7.6 lbs maybe more today as she is a growing girl! She has the cutest little whiskers. She loves to curl up in a lap or with her brother Morgan, when she is tired from paying hard.

Sunbeam (tan) Such an expressive girl!

Morgan and Sunbeam, can't get enough of looking at them!

Love those little, or should I say big, paws she has, and those long legs!.

Sweetie puppies.....

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunbeam and Morgan having a blast!

These two puppies do everything together! They are so funny and keep us on our toes.  Here are a few videos of them being active and playing with each other.

This was their first few hours here with us. They still have their transport collars on. Morgan's long legs and big feet are so endearing.
Here they play together to catch the tail teaser, they could do this for hours. Clearly I need to get a carpet cleaner out here with all these dogs!
I love to watch these two play, good thing because our personal dogs are kind of done. <smile>

A Pup and his shoe...

Puppies just wanna have fun....even if it is with a shoe!

Partners in crime

Or a shoelace will do.....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Landau is Leaving us Already!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that sweet Landau has found his forever home and goes home today! We really adore this boy and his new family will cherish him as we do. He was given the royal treatment when he went for his meet and greet. He greeted by his new mom and dad at the door and his new human brother who all were surprised and pleased as punch at how small he is in real life! Then he got straight to business spreading himself around getting pets and massages from each person. He was gentle to his new family and they were gentle and kind back to him! He is all bathed and ready for his new forever life ahead. Happy Tails Landau! It has been a pleasure to have you in our home, even if for such a short while!

A little snuggle time with foster dad after his going "home" bath

I love you foster dad...

resting up for the big day ahead

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eight is Enough!

OK we are officially at 8 dogs in our house today! Super exciting news about Landau!!! Post soon to follow. But I know some of you have been wanting puppy pictures. It was pretty hard to get them as we had a lot of whirling dervishes with the puppies getting the other dogs to play with them. No puppies were harmed in the taking of these pictures. :)

Birdie, Landau, Morgan and Sunbeam

The same 4 playing a game of tug

Birdie, Landau and Sunbeam play with another tug.

Sweet Morgan relaxing after all that play!

Morgan checking out the front yard

Little Sunbeam, what a cutie

Sunbeam playing with Dave

Morgan, Sunbeam, and Birdie

Landau with the tug and Morgan and Sunbeam wrestle

This is a favorite toy in our house, a simple stuffed piece of fabric, figures.

Sage was actually putting up with Sunbeam quite well. He did let her know in short order that he was done though and she moved on. :)

Morgan, Sunbeam, and Plain Bill

I don't usually get into my personal life on my blog posts but I am going to share just a small tid bit this time. I am dedicating this blog post to my Plain Bill (PB). Plain Bill is a dear dear family friend and was also my mother's boyfriend at one point back when I was a very young girl. I have adored him always and wished he was *my dad*. My mother and father were divorced when I was 3 so I don't really remember my biological dad. I do however remember fondly and still have a relationship with Plain Bill. There were a few years in between life's chapters where we lost touch but fortunately we have been able to reestablish a friendship and connection thanks to email and a couple visits we made to So CA. So you might be wondering why call someone Plain Bill. Well it is easy to explain. We had two very good family friends and they both were Bill's. So we called them Uncle Bill and Plain Bill to distinguish between them.

Plain Bill follows our foster parent journey on this blog and through email. He has some stories of his own about helping a neglected dog in his neighborhood, and he also has rescued and cared for many kitties, pidgeons/birds, and also people. He is a very giving person and always lends a hand to neighbors in need animal or human.

PB had been especially fond of Oskar, the awesome black rattie we fostered for 6 months. He has an affinity for black dogs and cats and asked me not long ago if we could name a foster dog, preferably a black dog, Morgan (we have an auto theme in naming our dogs). PB had a vintage Morgan when I was a girl and thanks to my new scanner I have scanned and uploaded a picture of the two of us next to his beautiful 1967 Morgan.

When the opportunity came for us to foster two puppies one of them happens to be a black male! So we have our Morgan. When I mentioned to PB that we would be fostering Morgan and Sunbeam, a tan female, he let me know that my dad had once owned a Sunbeam car, he had bought it new around 1953. Then in the 60's or 70's sometime PB also bought a similar Sunbeam a 1953ish one. So it seems I have always had men in my life who appreciate specialty and vintage cars. But that is another blog post entirely :)

Plain Bill, Morgan (1967), and me in front of my home in So CAL, 1967 (love those too short bangs I have :)
Morgan (please read this blog to see how they did last night http://rescuedratties.blogspot.com/2013/01/adding-some-crazy-to-crazy-town.html

1953 Sunbeam Alpine for sale - Classic car ad from CollectionCar.com.
1953 Sunbeam Convertible

And because the men in my life have all been into motorcycles of one type or another, mostly vintage, I was surprised to learn that there was also a Sunbeam motorcycle.

The Sunbeam was a British motorcycle and was independently produced from 1912 - 1956. It was owned by BSA from 1943 on.... gorgeous!