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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oskar and Liza in a Game of Tug

Oskar and Liza were having a blast playing tug the other day. This is so great because Liza has not done much playing with toys. Just goes to show even older dogs can learn new tricks!

Oskar tugs and kills the toy at the same time!

We were surprised that Liza never fell out of the chair.

Unfortunately my camera battery went low so you don't get to see the winner, it was Liza. YAY!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Another white and black cutie........Dec 1st.......stay tuned for her unveiling.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Theo Teaches Oskar a Lesson

Usually I post about the dogs in the house, but there is another member of the fur family who lives here and actually is the real leader of the pack! Meet Theo the cat. Theo is a very tolerant and dog savvy cat. What makes a cat dog savvy you ask? Well for one thing Theo never runs even when the foster dogs bark at him or try to chase him. He will just stand his ground, hiss, and if they really push it he will give them a very fast wallop with a closed paw. This usually fixes the problem. But then sometimes you get a dog who just has a tough time taking Theo seriously, (Oskar!) Well Theo fixed him! The pictures will explain.

Why is Oskar in this bed today? Why is he not in "his" chair? You know the one with the flower pillow you have seen a few times on this blog?

HA Oskar! Of all the chairs in all the house, including the bed and every couch and blanket, Theo has decided he OWNS your chair now. This my friends is another reason Theo is a dog savvy cat :)

Oh well, little Oskar still has a comfy place to sleep. Sweet dreams sweet boy and next time maybe you won't bark at the kitty!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rainy Day Mayhem

It has been raining...and raining....and raining....and RAINING!!!!! We really try to get the dogs out every day for a walk but missed a couple of days due to rain. We knew they were getting ansty, runnnnnning to the door every time they thought we might be ready to pile them into the car, only to be disappointed that we were just going out to scoop poop, or some other menial task that didn't include a walk in the rain. All of a sudden the dogs got an itch and were all tearing around the house like maniacs. I couldn't grab the video camera quick enough but had the camera nearby. This was what I witnessed.....and it all happened within 5 minutes from start to finish.

Oskar and Birdie gettin' jiggy wit it.

Oskar says "I claim the tug!"

Squeak squeak

Skip and Jenny join in the mayhem.

They were so fast I missed the shot, but that blur is a dog, Skip I believe. :)

Skip barking at Oskar and Birdie to get down

Skip and Birdie square off.....the others stand watching while Liza (bottom left) barks out the play by play. Sage makes an appearance.

Oskar and Jenny in blur motion.

Skip in play bow and barking.

Birdie jumped in the chair and Skip barks at her again to get back down and play more.

Birdie in true rattie form. I played, I'm done, it's that simple, nap time.
Oskar back in "his chair".

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oskar and Skittles A Picture Potpourri

As applications continue to swamp my inbox I just have not taken the time to get more pics and video of sweet Oskar and our house guest Mr Skittley Do Dah Day. I was going through my pictures that I have taken in the last few weeks and thought I would just post a potpourri for those of you who just like to look at cute dogs. :) Bear with me on the posts, I had two more apps waiting for me when I returned today from walking the dogs, I am beginning to process apps for dogs who have just gotten here recently and haven't even been posted to Petfinder!

Every time we look at this face we consider keeping Oskar. But he is not our dog! His people are out there somewhere and he is patiently awaiting them to apply for him. You can apply to adopt Oskar at http://www.newrattitude.org/apply.htm

The thing we love about Oskar is he is cute as a button but he is all terrier and keep us laughing. He is a unique guy who needs the right fit forever home to come along...could you be that home?

Here is Oskar standing on my chair and watching me while I cook in the kitchen. He makes a wonderful supervisor. :)

Oskar in his favorite lap. He has dreamy eyes doesn't he?

This was Skittles' first day in our home. He is letting Oskar and Birdie check him out.

The dogs all sniffing each other like this is a really good sign. I wonder what information they are getting from one another.

So far so good with the meet ups.

Skittles was wondering what the thing with the big eye was doing staring at him.

Skittles is wearing a belly band as we knew marking would be in order with all the other dogs in the house.

OK Skittles is done! Go away Birdie.
This just shows how muscular Oskar is. He has the cutest body. He is all muscle. He is 14 lbs and not an ounce of fat.

I won this from the New Rattitude auction. It fits Skittles really well and doesn't fit any of our dogs so he will go home with it on Sunday.

Skittles loves to keep his person company. What a face!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All In a Days Work?

I am the Adoption Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest region of New Rattitude. I have been so busy with my AC duties after a landslide of apps I have not really had a chance to take pictures and post to the blog! SO once I had gotten unburied from the applications I was processing, I had to do a little house work to catch up. As you can see I had a lot of help from the crew. Yes they really were helping! They were keeping them selves out of the way while I vacuumed and cleaned, isn't that a very helpful thing to do?  Skittles who had been fostered in Yakima is spending a little time with us on this side of the mountains as he has been adopted and he will soon go to his new mom who lives closer to us that Yakima. You can see more Skittles at his foster mom's cool blog http://yapitude.blogspot.com/.

Who is in this messed up blanket?

Oop sorry Birdie, didn't mean to disturb your beauty sleep.

Liza keeping one of the chairs warm.

Oskar is holding this chair down. Oskar is still available for adoption and is patiently awaiting his spot in a forever home.

Skittles tries out the soft pocket blanket, so cuddly.

Here Skittles decides he'd better claim a chair too. The yellow rug had been laid out flat by the way. But Skittles fluffed it up a bit :)