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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oskar has a cold?

I heard a funny sound a few days ago. I knew the sound. It was the sound of paper, cardboard, and tissue tearing. I figured it was Birdie as she is the paper shredder of the house. But when I got up to see what the commotion was about it was not a small white bRat tearing paper like I assumed, but a small black bRat named Oskar in her place! Could it be he just had a cold and needed to blow his cute little nose? I don't THINK so! I just laughed to myself and went to grab the camera hoping he would still be doing it so I could get a picture of it. Then I took it all away.....poor Oskar, it was fun while it lasted.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Oskar shows he can sit....

Having troubles with the new video camera, this time I don't think it's just me :) Oskar has been doing really well with recall. I have been trying for an hour to get a good shot of this and we have had a few setbacks, not because Oskar needs a retake but because either the video camera won't turn on, won't turn off, and won't record when I push the button! I managed to get SOMETHING recorded but of course with all the other dogs "helping" you aren't going to get the experience of witnessing the true magnificence of Oskar's recall. We'll save that for another video. What you will get though are some pretty good shots of this dear boys face and bright personality and some nice sits! So I am posting what I manged to record. lol

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mingus getting ready for the big day!

Our foster boy Mingus will be spending his last night with us tonight. He is going to his forever home tomorrow morning and we are very excited for him to have his person. This is what makes it all worth while! When the pups we cuddle and love and shelter can be adopted and live the rest of their life with their new family.

Unfortunately my camera battery died so these are the only pics I got of Mingus taking his bath. He was such a great sport and seemed totally comfortable getting a bath in the sink. This is him on the counter after getting toweled off. He is so cute! We love you Mingus....

Monday, July 16, 2012

Oskar's Monday short story pictorial...

Hi foster mom, what can I do today?
Oskar has come to stay. Because Oskar needed to be in a home where there were other dogs around he has moved in with us here in Snohomish, WA and we are very happy to be his foster home until he gets adopted. Please follow the blog and Oskar will show you what he is about! Today was a typical Monday and Oskar had some time on his paws. Read this short story to find out what he figured out to do today.
Mom...what cha doin'?
I'm tryin' to think of somethin' I can do on a lazy Monday

Hi again mom still on the computer?
Hey wait a minute...what's this?

This looks fun!

Hey I like this toy! I remember mom saying Melody made it for me!!!!

Mmmmmm this antler is good for chewing..
I can chew the braided tug and antler at the same time!

Don't mind me I am just doing a little teeth cleaning with this old marrow bone...
OK now I can do my exercises and chew at the same time.

I like to have me some choices...
Keeping myself busy was a lot of work!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mingus has been adopted!

Cue the marching bands and confetti! Sweet Mingus has been adopted and will be heading to his forever home with his new mom a week from today. We are so happy for this deserving boy that we are smiling from ear to ear. Mingus will be living the life he has dreamed of in Seattle. Mingus loves people and he is great with other dogs so having the opportunity to go for walks about town and meet up with friends human and canine will give him that boost he needs to feel like he finally belongs. Mingus will even be able to join his mom at work sometimes as she owns a coffee and wine bar that is dog friendly. Mingus you know we love you. You are going to make the best companion. Congratulations to you and your new mom!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The softer side of the boys...

I have had a lot of people tell me you can't have 2 male dogs together, or two female dogs together. I try to explain that it has less to do with the gender and everything to do with the temperament of the dogs in question. Our pack of five has 2 males and 3 females and it is a pretty balanced pack if I do say so myself. With Mingus our foster dog and Oskar visiting this puts us a 4 males and 3 females. This picture was taken on the eve of July 4th. Dave had sat down after his evening shower and was relaxing in his chair and when I saw this I just grinned from ear to ear...then I got the camera!

Mingus Oskar and Skip relax with dad.

Getting sleeeeepy.....

Well Mingus and Oskar are out...

I think this is the first picture of Skip with the orange ball. Where's "Blue"?

Awwww Skippy what a sweet boy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oskar comes to visit!

Well we are officially the crazy dog people! On top of having Mingus here with our five, we are petsitting Oskar for his foster mom. Mingus and Oskar have spent the last day and half getting to know eachother. They have decided that they can have a lot of fun together! They have both made sure they have double and maybe triple marked the plants in the yard and so it was time for something new. Running like crazy around the front yard. They showed nice manners and got the wiggles out! What I didn't get on camera but was super cute, was once they both went in the house they drank water together at the same time from the same bowl. Nice sharing boys! Skip was very patient as they horned in on his favorite past time.

Oskar has the cutest run run spring! I don't know if you can see it. I will try to get a better shot.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pupdate! Gauge now Louie is doin' fine! AHOY!

People ask me quite often how it is we can foster a dog and then say goodbye. Well the answer is always the same for me. We do it for the dogs! Because I personally have such a big part in the adoption process as Adoption Coordinator for New Rattitude I am able to really feel great about the forever home that any of our foster dogs are adopted into. When I learned more and more about John, Louie's new dad, I just KNEW that Louie would thrive in his midst. I also knew that Louie would be a bit hesitant at first as he was nervous to meet new people, but if John would be patient he would have a buddy forever and ever. John was totally on board with letting Louie figure things out in his own time and it only took three days for Louie to realize that he had just hit the jackpot. One of the things John was hoping for was that Louie would enjoy going fishing with him in his boat. I will always be grateful to John for adopting our Gauge, his Louie.
I just got this wonderful email from John with two great pictures. 

Hi Genie !
         Just a quick up date. 
Louie must be part duck ! He loves going in the boat. I put the life vest on him for the first time just in case he tried walking on water. He loves to go fast. He either stands next to me or sits in my lap with his head above the windscreen and his muzzle in the wind.
 He keeps me laughing with something new every day. We caught a couple of fish but he doesn't know what to make of them. He'd rather stretch out, take in the scenery and bask in the sun.
                                                                                                                             So funny !!!!    Louie  & Me.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moving forward...

Mingus is a wonder dog this I know for sure. But even wonder dogs have qualms about things. I don't know why but Mingus has mild car anxiety. Because where we live and have no sidewalks to walk our 5 dogs, and with Mingus that makes 6 dogs, we have to drive to a place where we can all walk together. Because I want Mingus to associate getting in the car with a good thing happening in the end I have been asking him if he wants to "go for a walk". I could say "do you want to go for a ride", and at some point that will come. But for now going for a walk seems to be a phrase that he associates with positively and so once we have gotten a happy response from him we then take him out to load him in the car. This video shows how excited he gets about "going for a walk". :)