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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Remember Sheldon?

If you are a New Rattitude groupy then certainly you remember Sheldon! He and Sammy were BFF's in our Yakima foster home. Well Sheldon, now Sharkey, is staying at our house while his mom and dad are on vacation. He got so many kisses from mom before she left and at first he was wondering why he had to go to another home. But in no time flat and in Rattie form he has figured out it is fun to go new places and meet new dogs and we keep telling him that before he knows it he will be in his forever mom and dad's arms again. We are so happy we could have him stay with us and so we got busy getting him out and about to our favorite spot where it is easy to walk multiple dogs. The scenery will be familiar to anyone who reads my blog, but cute little Sharkey will give you someone new to ogle. He is a wonderful dog and such a good boy. To see more of Sheldon/Sharkey and reminisce you can go to his foster mom's blog http://yapitude.blogspot.com/ and just click on the name Sheldon to pull up posts about him. By the way, this puts us at 7 dogs for 10 days. Why yes I suppose we are just a tad crazy... but in a good way :)

I miss you mom and dad....

This is a fun thing to explore.

Oskar and Sharkey are both curious ratties.

Hmmm I don't know if I have crossed a log before.

Liza, Oskar and in front Sharkey!

Toooo cute!


Skip, Sheldon, Liza, Oskar and in front Jenny-Boo

Caught Jenny (left) in action leaping to another rock, she has this crossing down and we call her "our little land bruiser"

Jenny, Sheldon, Oskar sniffing the fall together...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mingus takes Oskar his BFF for a Walk

We found out Mingus was going to be with his mom for a long day and so she put out an APB to Mingus' fan club that he would be available for walks and visiting. Oskar asked us if we could go take Mingus for a walk as Mingus is Oskar's BFF and they hadn't seen each other in a while. So off we went, hoping it would not be raining too hard and to our delight it didn't rain. Oh yeah Skip went too!

Mingus is excited for us to get Oskar out of the car.

Huuuuurrrryyyyyy Uuuuuuupppppppp....

Mingus was our Greenwood tour guide and led the way.

Ahhhhh it's nice to be with an ol' sniffin buddy.
Gaze into my eyes......you are getting sleeeeeppppppyyyyy.
I just like you to know I am adorable...

Oskar wanted to go up every flight of stairs he came across. Curiosity IS his middle name.

Come on Mingus, let's see what is up this one!

Oskar has the prettiest brown eyes...

A cool motorcycle for any cycle fans out there.

We had never heard of an Ural before. Made in Russia!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oskar Walks Shotgun

One of the things we really enjoy is taking a walk with our dogs. The early fall is such a great time to go for a walk too. The summer crowds are gone. The bugs aren't bugging anymore. The foliage is beginning to turn beautiful colors and the temperatures are mild. We decided that Oskar and Liza are best suited to go in tandem and they got a little extra energy expended as they learned to work out the problems of one wanting to go one way while the other pulls the other. This day we took our walk out in Carnation along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail near Remlinger Farm. (Don't worry about Mr Sage not going with, he got to stay home and have two different types of chews in peace and quiet without someone trying to steal them from him.)

Crossing the bridge that goes over the Tolt River in Carnation

Practicing recall!

5 cuties enjoying their walk.

Liza, Jenny, and Oskar sharing a sniff.

Such a beautiful and peaceful morning.

One of Remlinger Farm's pumpkin patches. You can see this from the trail.

Welcome to Remlinger Farms, as seen from the trail.

Liza-Bear and Oskar getting the hang of it.

OK so.......you look that way and I look this way....

You can see the train tracks behind this coach. There is a small train that runs around the farm that you can take a ride on.It is fun for kids and adults alike.

Tolt River downstream from the bridge.

Looking upstream.

Oskar always likes to check things out, if only Liza would cooperate.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oskar Mania

Oskar got to try on a few sweaters and jackets today. I would say he isn't really a fan. It could have been that I just didn't have his color, style, or size! He is a very discriminating little dude after all.The sweet thing was every time I called him to get on the chair to try something else on, he just jumped up and let me do it.

Am I supposed to move in this thing?

This is too small for me mom, I can hardly breath!
Hmmmmm I do look pretty groovy in these "things"
When Oskar had on Birdie's lavender sweater he was the talk of the pack. The other dogs couldn't figure out what the heck was going on so they decided a good romp would settle things.

     This was too funny watching Oskar trying to maneuver the doggles.

He did manage to get them off, he is a smart boy and probably won't be doing the cat-walk anytime soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oskar Contemplates Squirrels

These pictures of Oskar were taken over the period of about 2 hours. He had noticed a squirrel out under the bird feeder cleaning up the crumbs and he was so enthralled and so still and meditative. There have been a couple of times where he would see the squirrel and try to catch it by racing into the bathroom and out the dog door but those squirrels were too fast for him. So this quiet Saturday morning Oskar simply observed Mr Squirrel. I was doing house chores and every time I came into the room there he would be, still watching...........

Living vicariously through Theo the cat who also wanted to get that squirrel.

Love the intense look on Oskar's face.

From Oskar's point of view.

A new vantage point.

Back to sitting, very nice posture!

After a couple of hours he went out to watch.
I never did see the squirrel but I am sure he was there somewhere. Most likely teasing Oskar with chirps and climbing through the trees. :)

The squirrels like to hang out in the trees above Oskar. No squirrels were harmed in producing this post.