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Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunny Porch Photo Shoot

One sunny day in early winter here in the Pacific Northwest I happened to have my camera when all 5 dogs were standing on the porch steps. So I turned the opportunity into a fun photo shoot!

Some of these just crack me up!

Originally when I came upon the dogs on the porch they were all standing looking at me, but by the time I got the camera fired up they had changed positions.

Hey all 5! Birdie was more interested in closing her eyes and facing the sun than looking at mom, but I'll take it!

Hey wait! Where is everybody going?

Tim is ready for the picture to be taken...

Skip, Jenny and Tim are ready, but where is Liza? Birdie says, "See ya!".

Awww Birdie, we finally get to see her sweet face with open eyes. But everyone else has fallen apart, except Skip who is still hanging in there for mom.
Cute pic of Liza, Skip, and Birdie

Ummmm why are the dogs singing? HA! They aren't singing, they are howling!!!! We rarely have any sirens go by our house but sure enough one went right by and Liza and Skip weren't so keen on it.

This cracks me up! So why do you think Liza, Skip, and Tim are all howling and Jenny and Birdie are just standing there?--------Give up?-------Because Jenny is very hard of hearing now, and Birdie is deaf! That old siren didn't bother those two girls a bit!

This was a cute shot I thought. Liza doesn't always make it in the photos I take and when she does her coloring doesn't always show off how stunning she is. I like the dog's placement too. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Is Tesla Leaping For Joy?

Because Tessi wants everyone to know..................

Tessi will have a whole family to love her, a mom & dad, 2 human sisters, and a rattie sister too!  She is in for a full life with so many people who will love and cherish her. Happy Tails to this sweetheart of a gal. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

More Tessi and Tim Sweetness

Tessi loves to play with stuffed toys! I can put them all away and before I know it they are strewn about all over the house! I don't feel like I ever see her get them out but then there they are and she is quietly nibbling on one or another depending on her mood.

Ummm foster mom, why do you always point that thing at me? (Notice Skip got into this photo? He looks like one of the toys waaay in the back. :)

Nom nom nom.....
 Timken and Tesla playing bitey face on the big bed. They do this a few times a day and they make the cutest noises. Tim really likes Tessi, she is just the right speed for him.

This warms my heart to see these two together. Two sweethearts!

I love their little paws touching.....awwwwwwww....

Today was the first day Tessi jumped into a chair to take a nap! Good girl!
I just put this blanket here today, I guess she thought it looked really inviting. How adorable is she?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tesla's Favorite Thing To Do...

If there is one thing Tessi loves and that is to go for walks in the woods. I think she would do it all day every day if she could. I can't say I blame her! We would love to spend our waking hours walking around in nature too. It is so fun to see her so interested in everything. Of course our dogs love it too! Today was a very beautiful day for a long walk. Nothing like a 2 hour springtime walk to facilitate relaxed doggies for the rest of the day, well at least part of the day. <wink>

Off we go...there were some mud and water puddles today from recent rains, but that didn't seem to slow anyone down.

Tessi follows Tim and walks on the side to keep out of the puddle.

Jenny photo bombed me!

Skip rather loved rolling in the grass in the sunshine.

Liza was just soaking up the warmth on a crisp morning.

Liza loves to explore too, especially when there is water involved.

There is something about this tree Tessi is sniffing, all the dogs always sniff this tree when we go by, maybe a scratching post for another animal?

This decomposing log always gets a lot of attention too, then usually some pee-mail is left from the boys. Good shot of Tim's "heart-spot"

Tessi figures out how to cross the stream...How lucky are we to get to walk here nearly every day in peace. Such a magical place.

Hey mom, look at me!

Tessi is so curious about everything, we just love that about her. She is checking out the water environment with Skip.

What a fun girl she is....

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tim n Tessi Love....

Anyone who reads my blog knows about our sweet Tim and his struggles and progress as he continuously blossoms before our eyes. When we decided to foster Tesla we were hoping that Tim would have as much fun with her as he did when we fostered Neon. It is so good for Tim to have these great experiences with dogs and he and Tessi really have been hitting their groove in the last few days, playing in the morning, lying next to each other. I am very grateful to Tessi for her sweet self and for giving Tim another dose of confidence. The pictures tell the story....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tessi Sunspotting With The Gang

I think seeing dogs relaxing in a spot of warmth from the sun has to be one of the most comforting visions I can think of...

Sleepy sunspotting girl...

This bed is always popular when the sun shines in the window. No room for Birdie so she just has to sleep standing up.

Tessi photo bomb!

Awww sweet Tim so nice to see how far he has come with being able to relax.
Tessi soaking up the warmth of the wood floor.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tesla n Timken Take On A Woolly Mammoth????

Tesla don't look behind you but there is a Woolly Mammoth in our yard! So what's our plan?...
Hey Tim! I just brought down the beast!
I don't think it's moving anymore Tim, what do you think?

Do you think we need to make sure it won't be going anywhere?...
Hey wait a minute that is mine!

Ok Tim go ahead you can have it, I have something to check out over here anyhow...

 Thanks to Tim and Tessi that Woolly Mammoth won't be a threat any longer, everything is safe and sound and the terriers prevail!