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Monday, March 31, 2014

Neon Stops To Smell The Flowers...or something like that.

Neon loves to check stuff out. She also likes to try to eat things like leaves and flowers so I have to keep a good eye on her that she doesn't ingest anything that could hurt her. She is a puppy so that means she is exploring and wanting to taste and smell as much as she can.

Oh this Daphne smells wonderful!

What foster mom? I was just smelling the pretty flowers.

I am not trying to eat them, just scare them!

Okay I am moving away now, I promise I won't do it anymore....okay?

Neon Loves The Tail Teaser!

If you follow my blog you will remember that Timken is not that comfortable about the Kyjen Tail Teaser. Well Neon has other thoughts about it. And they are more...MOre.....MORE.... please!

It is a good thing she took to it so quickly as she had some excess energy to relieve after such a long journey to foster care. It's nothing but a carefree life from here on out, doing what puppies do best! PLAY.

Neon is pretty much a professional tail teaser extraordinaire.

I caught you tail of ---? Well not sure what the tail is supposed to be from, but she caught it nonetheless.

She has got the moves...

I like that the tail kind of matches her.

Got it again! Yay Neon wins!!!!!

I will pounce on you if you would just stay still.

Neon wins again!

Bath Time For Neon!

Neon had a long journey from Central Ca where she came from. You know how it is after a long road trip? You just can't wait to get a nice shower and get cleaned off? Well I'm not sure Neon was really all that excited to get a bath, but she didn't smell the best, so in the sink she went. She was a little nervous but basically took it all in stride.

Foster dad, I thought you liked me? Why do we have to do this right now?

Rub a dub dub

Ok this is not so bad.

I still love you foster dad.

Look at me all clean!

Here are some cute after bath videos.

Neon Meets The Pack

Once Neon had a chance to smell the yard we let some of the other dogs out to meet her. It all went really well! Our dogs, Skip, Liza, and Jenny hardly paid Neon any attention, which is fine by us. The more neutral everyone is the better! That just means to me that Neon didn't ruffle any feathers which is a great sign in a new comer. Tim as I expected was a bit mystified and anxious in the beginning, but Neon took it all in stride and before we knew it everyone was just hanging out.

Tim and Neon do the Tango...

Back to front...Birdie, Neon, Tim do the Butt Sniff Line Dance move.

Tim chews the gecko...
...while Neon gets pets from *his*  foster dad. He was a bit stressed at first to be sharing his foster parents, but he is acclimating to the new girl quickly. This body position is typical of Tim when he is anxious about something, but good thing he channeled it by chewing a toy!

This is what was making Tim so anxious. Neon getting some lovin's, with Skip and Birdie

Notice Tim standing on the dog bed looking over at foster dad in the chair? Neon was up in his lap and Tim was again perplexed. 
Neon has had quite the busy past 72 hours with her long transport from Central CA and being overnighted at a fellow foster mom's home, then transitioning into our home and pack of 5. Time to rest now.

What a sweet girl...
Stay tuned for bath time and Tim and Neon getting frisky!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Neon's First 15 Minutes...

Holy Goodness Neon is a dumpling, pumpkin, love-bug girl! Oh she is terrier, but in a good way. These pics are her first few minutes checking things out before we let any other dogs out to meet her. She loved exploring the yard in short order. (Some pics are blurry due to her not really standing still for long :)

What a cute puppy shape she has. 11 lbs at 5ish months. And pretty short and long. Love the one white ear and full tail..

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Boys Check Out The New Chick's Pad

We are getting ready for little Neon, the 5 month old puppy girl we will be fostering in a little over 12 hours from now. Because puppies need lots of supervision and a safe place to be when the human can't watch over them fully, we use this huge dog crate when we have a puppy in the house. Neon will eat and nap in here. And if I have to run out or upstairs I will need it as a playpen to keep her safe while I am away. Whenever I am getting things ready for a new foster dog the other dogs always have to check things out to make sure they aren't missing anything. This time it is Skip and Tim who were interested in what mom was doing.

I wasn't sure if this new addition to the living room would worry Timken.

He was surprisingly brave and although there is a slight "Timken Lean",  his signature body language for when he is nervous about checking something out, he was pretty relaxed, his tail is not tucked and that is a good sign.

In short order he even entered the crate. I was able to use my zoom as I knew if I got too close to him he would have darted out and I didn't want him to feel he had to be concerned about anything. Good Boy!

A bit later Skip decided to go in and take a rest. Poor Skip has a sore leg from playing too much ball the other day so he has been a bit under the weather, he liked this new comfy place to rest.

Then I put some toys in the crate for Neon to play with. Tim was very perplexed about this new addition and was sitting staring at me and trembling a bit. I reassured him and just sat down quietly with the video camera ready to see if he would go explore the toys.
 Sure enough, with me out of the way he showed his bravery again and even got in and gave the toys a bit of a sniff.

Skip sniffs Tim as Tim sniffs the toys. It's all about the sniffing, lol

Skip has that look like, mom could you just get Tim out of here so I can relax again?

As I was editing the above pictures I glanced in the crate and Skip had taken up the dog bed and Tim had gone in and actually laid down!

Sweet Skip. The funny thing is if I had WANTED those boys to go into the crate and lie down they probably would have not wanted to do it. Isn't that the way it always goes with these silly ratties???

So stay tuned for Neon's cute self! This will be interesting to see how Tim does with a puppy. I already know that my older dogs will not be amused. We are looking forward to meeting Neon and fostering her to adoption.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Getting Ready For A New Foster Girlie Girl!

My husband and I have made the decision to foster a puppy girl as a second foster dog. We are excited we can help this little girl while she finds her forever home. She was one of 11 pups surrendered to a high kill shelter by a back yard breeder.

Neon will be making her way from CA in a couple of days and we will bring her into our home on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how Timken does with her. We are feeling certain that he is at the point where he will tolerate her just fine and maybe he will enjoy having a sweet young thing in the house!

In keeping with our naming theme of transportation related names her name will be Neon. Zoom, Zoom,  Zoom......

Love how her tail is a blur from wagging, what a cutie patootie! :)

I had to search a bit to find a suped up, cute little Dodge Neon
Woo Hoo cute seat covers too!

Monday, March 24, 2014

What Did Timken Do While His Foster Parents Worked On A Big Outdoor Project?

We had a wonderful sun filled weekend and what better a way to spend it than outside in the yard working on a project we have been putting off for a long time. Timken loves to be outside when we are out and about in the yard. He explores and sniffs and checks in with us on a very regular basis. He did pretty good with all the sawing and power tools. We left the front door propped open so any time he wanted to get away to a safe and quieter place he had free choice to do that. He did stay in the house at times when things got too noisy and scary but then he would wander back out and check on us again which was great and let us know he wasn't too traumatized.

THEN he found the sweet spot on the front porch. Birdie, our heat loving Texas girl, loves to lie on the porch when it is sunny out. With a clear roof over head it warms up all toasty and Timken found out how comforting it can be to just soak up all that warmth, in a safe place, with safe people, and safe foster fur siblings. What a beautiful thing.

Tim just figuring out how nice and warm it really gets on the front porch.

This warm stuff makes for one calm boy.

Birdie shows Tim how it's done. Spread your whole body out on the wood and soak up the heat, power nap time.

Liza Bear shows us her beautiful black fur, so shiny!

Then he lays down and awwwwww does that feel good!

Relaxed Timken....

Foster mom can you stop and let me settle into this?

Cutest Tim picture ever!