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Friday, October 7, 2016

Spontaneous Road Trip to WA Coast part 2 (Beach Time For Dogs and Mishap)

Once we got on the road again after our first stop at Bottle Beach our goal was to find a place where 4 ansty terriers could run/walk off their long journey energy. We found Twin Harbor State Park and when we rolled up we found there was no one in site! We parked the car in the empty parking lot and headed out to the beach.

In case you missed it here is the first installment of this post. Spontaneous Road Trip to WA Coast part 1 (No Dogs Allowed) 


With no one around the dogs could go off leash, always their favorite way to approach things...

ahhhh we have the whole place to our selves!

The dogs waste no time with their sniffathon.

Tim humoring mom with a pose before he was off and running to see what the girls are finding.

Hmmm what is that? A vulture. He was eating something so we made sure to keep everyone heading in the opposite direction, lol.

He takes flight and I am able to get a photo of how graceful he is.

Warning the videos have a lot of wind noise.
I didn't think I got him in the frame but was pleasantly surprised I captured a short video of this beautiful flight.

The driftwood installation is courtesy of Mother Nature.

Liza was having a BLAST! Look at her run like the wind. After a few hours confined to the car she was ready to let loose. Tim gets a bit concerned about the beach, so dad carries and comforts him for a bit.

Tim decided to try some running but then heads back to dad for encouragement.

Someone built a a fun little fort and the dogs had to check it out.

Birdie was the first to go inside.

Tim was a little skeptical but...

...curiosity got the better of him and so he joined Birdie in checking it out.

Birdie says "Tim it's ok, just puff your chest out and look brave like me!"

I love this pic of Birdie, it makes me giggle.

There was this one small patch of tiny flat rocks, the rest of the beach was sand. I wonder why?

We head back toward the car and see this piece of driftwood. It looks like a whale to me.

As we approach our car we see something bad has happened while we were having fun. Someone busted our window and we assume to get to whatever we had in the bags in the back. But all we had in the bags was apples and dog food. I check in front and nothing was stolen. But the broken window was NOT good. Thankfully a very nice park ranger stopped in and took a report and then went back to his office to get supplies to fix us up so we could head home. It was a real bummer but it was hard to complain too long with the kindness of the ranger helping us on our way.

He and Dave did a great job of patching us up and we were on our way. Time to head home and we had a great trip in spite of this mishap.
I wanted to end this post on a good note, so I saved this cute photo of little Jenny Boo. Traveling with her is getting harder and harder but she did pretty well all in all. She still doesn't want to miss anything and she enjoyed her beach walk with us and her fur-siblings.