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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Woo Hoo Cony Has News To Share!

Well that didn't take long...in fact Cony never even made it to Petfinder. As an adoption coordinator for New Rattitude-PNW sometimes I have applicants who have applied for a dog that already has an application in process. But when the applicant is a good one I try to keep in touch and see if I can help match a dog to them from new dogs who come into foster care. This is the case with Cony's new dad. We kept in touch by email and he agreed to let me play match-dog-maker and as it turns out my foster dog Cony will be a wonderful companion for his new dad. His name will be Handsome Jack and he already knows his name as Jack as we have been calling him that since he came into foster care with us as we had a feeling that he was going to be a good fit for his new dad from the start. Jack's dad is newly retired and has nothing but time on his hands for long walks, trips to the dog park, training, cuddling in his chair while watching football, playing with toys, and going all over the place visiting friends who live in groovy places! Jack will be a snow-dog and he will winter in Arizona where he will have a furry buddy who can show him the ropes of the sunny state and the walking trails they will go on. We are so happy for our little guy and his dad. Happy Tails sweet baby boy.

Cony (Jack) is so happy he was adopted!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cony Hits The Trail

With petsitting puppies and then Cony getting his neuter surgery and recouping from that we hadn't the chance to get out to our trail with him as much as we like to do with our foster dogs. But today the stars all aligned and out we went. Cony has been here once before and he was a little nervous of grass and fern fronds in his way, but he is feeling much more confident as time goes by and he did awesome today. He walked through tall grasses and let things touch his face along the trail. I managed to get a few pictures that weren't too blurry.

Cony is ready to rock this hike.

Foster mom I was in the middle of getting a pet from foster dad, take the picture already.

Liza teaching Cony how to scout out front

Cony hanging with the other ratties, Birdie and Jenny

Very alert boy checking something out

Again with the pictures? Let's go!

OK I do look good from all sides, go ahead and take the shot....
I'm just throwing in a glamour shot of Cony for good measure. Is he not the cutest rattie ever???

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Puppies Juniper and Mesquite Last Day

Today was the last full day the two little tykes spent with us at our house. We pretty much just hung around home and let them play in the yard, their favorite past-time and I got some good video of them doing rattie things. They will be going back to their foster mom as she is back from her vacation. You can see more of these two at the foster mom's blog http://rescuedratties.blogspot.com/

Juniper (left) and Mesquite

In these two videos you can see how much Junie and Skeet LOVE to chase the tail teaser toy. Junie might be small but she has some moves too. It was super fun playing with them and watching them run and chase, they never seem to get tired!

Dave was wiggling around the chuck-it wand and Skeet was trying to catch it, no matter how fast Dave moved it Skeet would go after it. He is an agile little dude!

And to our amazement Mesquite loves to play ball at his young age. He will retrieve and bring it back time and again. He is so young and this really surprised me that he could do this already. He also chased a Frisbee type of toy and brought that back too. What a smart boy he is!

There is Something So Sweet About Cony

Cony is a wonderful dog. As I mentioned he was found as a little puppy boy by a river in Sacramento, CA. He had been attacked by something and was in bad shape. He was found in the bushes. His rescuers took him home even though they had not been looking to add a puppy to their houshold with a baby on the way and living in an apt. but they did it anyhow as they just did not want to leave the poor boy to fend for himself. His past mom and dad and I have been in contact and I just want them to know how much Dave and I and Cony all appreciate what they did to give him such a good start in life. Healthy food, love, and walks with his dad to a place Cony could run up and down a big hill to get his wiggles out. Cony is a gentle boy and a happy boy too, a testament to the loving and healing care they gave little Cony boy.

Surrendering Cony was hard for them to do but they felt it was the right thing for him and so they made sure he got into a rescue group who would help him find his forever home. A big Thank You to his past mom and dad!!!!! Please know Cony is doing well.

Such an alert boy always ready to please...

Cony hardly ever gets tired of playing.

Cony loves belly rubs..

Cony in the bed by my desk

Cony Cone Head

Although things are going well with Cony post surgery, he just was having a hard time leaving his bandages alone on his back legs where the dew claws were removed, after all it just plain feels weird to have tape wrapped around his legs and he could be so sneaky at finding a time to bite at them. So unfortunately he had to be coned. The only cone we had was a little short in the snout but it seemed to do the trick. He wasn't that happy about it but he is such a good natured boy he just decided to go with it.

Cony in my chair wondering what on earth his foster parents have gotten him into.
Do I have to HAVE a picture of this foster mom?
Don't let this relaxed Cony fool you, we have had to really monitor him with the puppies Juniper and Mesquite because he thinks he should be able to run around like a maniac and play. We do let him play a little but then have to settle him back down again. He will be as good as new in a few more days and this will all be behind him.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Poor Little Cony, Neuter Day Today

Well it had to be done and today was the day. Today Cony was neutered and also had his rear dew claws removed as they were very flappy and could catch on things and tear. So he had the works, chip inserted, nails clipped, and the neuter and dew claw surg. He also had a bump on his nose that turned out to just be a cyst that needed draining. He had been found by a river by his previous person and it was obvious to her that he had been attacked my something as he had wounds all over his neck. She nursed him back to health but our vet thinks the nose bump might have been a remnant of his attack a few months ago. Poor baby. Anyhow he is all fixed up now! He is resting in his foster dad's lap while he reads and so that helps him a lot I think.

Poor baby, not only did he have to endure all those things from the vet, but he is wrapped in a pink towel too!

Foster mom go away with that camera, I don't feel so good.
No doubt we will be back to this Cony in just a couple of days. Less the bump on the bridge of his nose.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Cony and Mesquite Tear Up the Town (King of the Rat follow up.....)

When I first offered to petsit Juniper and Mesquite I was a bit nervous. Puppies have a lot of energy and they are a lot of work and I only have a small amount of experience with puppies this young. Luckily we have had wonderful sunny weather so have been able to get them outside in the yard a lot and so that helps with the accidents in the house that comes along with puppydom. The two tykes do play together as well and so it has actually been very enjoyable to have them here and they make us laugh constantly!  Then Cony arrived and the puppies....,especially Mesquite, ended up being a true blessing! Cony and Mesquite could play for hours on end and they do just that! Juniper gets in there now and then but she is too little for it to be safe for her if the boys are really tearing up the town, but she is smart and when she has had enough she goes to lie down on the bed on the porch that she loves where she can watch the silly boys spar and wrestle, and chase from a safe distance on her thrown. Both boys love the Tail Teaser by Kyjen something fierce. (Junie loves it too and we need to play with her when the boys are out of the picture so they don't trample her, stay tuned) They can practice all their vermin killing moves and they can go and go and go.

Mesquite says "I am now King of the Rat!"

Here comes Cony on his way to claim back "his" rat that Skeeters managed to get from him.

Skeeters first surveying the toy booty.

Mesquite putting the moves on Mr Squirrel. Who knew such a young puppy would know how to do a rattie death shake? Pretty impressive I say.
This made me laugh! When the boys were in the house finally tuckered out from all that nonsense I went looking for Juniper and there she was......she had somehow found the rat when the other two hooligans were back in the house, so in the end Juniper is King Of The Rat! You go girl!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cuteness Alert...Puppy Adorableness!

Puppy pictures don't need a lot of introduction, please enjoy the cuteness bomb!

Junie sportin' her Puppia Harness is XS

Do you mind? I have a stick that needs chewing...

This stick works good for a teething pup.

I love Mesquite's gray line between the black and white of his little face.
The next set of pictures were all taken within about 10 minutes time. Silly puppies could not figure out which way they wanted to lay, they just both wanted to get comfortable in the sun.

They started like this...
To this...
to this...
to this....
Where is Juniper?
Ahhh now this is comfortable...
Hey there she is, messing Mesquite all up.
My comfy bed...
Well it was mine...
Mesquite checks out the tissue he ripped up earlier in the day..
Finally a comfortable position! LOL

Cony IS King of the Rat

What a strong muscular chest this boy has!
This rat that came in one of the monthly Bark Boxes a couple months back seems to be a hit with Cony. One of our dogs, probably Birdie, bit part of the poor rat's tail off but hey it is still good enough for Cony to chase and kill. :)
I will kill the rat!

Gotcha rat, you aren't going anywhere any more...

But then that isn't the only toy Cony enjoys playing with! After all he is only a 6 month old puppy with lots of energy and fun ahead of him! He doesn't seem to destroy the toys so far, just likes to mouth them and run after them if you throw them for him.

I love that he strikes the play bows all the time.

Cony loves to run after these blue egg babies too. Skip doesn't let him get a ball in edgewise but that's ok, the egg babies suffice. He brings them back too!

I love they way he leaps every now and then when he runs out to get the egg.

Junie and Skeeters Take Their First Walk

There is pretty much nothing we love more than introducing dogs to the world of the woods. It doesn't matter how young or old a dog is, she can always benefit from getting out on the trail and sniffing some dirt. Well Junie and Skeeter did just that and I think they did pretty well for the very first time.

Junie took to the leash like a pro. She loves to go for walks!

Junie telling Mesquite to stop goofing around and let's get going!

Having our dogs show the pups how to do it really helped a lot.

Junie got the hang of it right away but Mesquite was a little bucking bronco for a second there.

You can see how Junie just goes with the flow she is like a little shot running down the trail. So cute for a 3 lb munchkin. 

I love how Skeeters gets tangled up but rights himself and then off he goes. Way to go little dude!

Back in the crate in the car, pups say "hey wait we aren't tired yet!"

Well maybe we are getting a little bit tired....
Later that day, cozy in their xpen and crate after a walk...

sweet dreams.....