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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cony Settles in Like a Pro

Well that didn't take long, Cony has only been here 1/2 a dozen hours and he is doing rattie runs and getting lots of lovin' What a sweet little guy this is! He is fast too, then of course he has the rattie off switch. Perfect....

He's figured out already foster dad is pretty cool to hang out with.

Beautiful brown eyes...

Relaxing with foster mom on the stairs.

What a muscular little guy!

Cony meets Juniper the puppy girl, he wasn't too sure what to think of this munchkin at first.

Juniblur and Smokin' Mesquite Are Visiting Our House

We are puppy sitting for Juniper and Mesquite's foster parents while they are out of town visiting their son and we are having fun with these two tykes. They do keep us on our toes and also laughing and shaking our heads a lot too :) To see more of these two darlings in their foster parent's home go here http://rescuedratties.blogspot.com/

Tail teaser fun

See why we call them Juniblur and Smokin' Mesquite?

Mine, no mine, no mine, no mine....
A little puppy action.

I love how these pups already know how to chase and kill a rat. Well at least a stuffed one. LOL

Mesquite (left) and Juniper playing with a squeakie egg baby.

Notice there are wearing harnesses? Stay tuned for the duo out walking on a trail for the first time.

Nom nom nom....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who Will Our Next Foster Dog Be?

We are pleased to welcome Cony, pronounced "koh-nee", our new little foster boy who will be arriving from Central CA this weekend.  Cony is approx. 6 months old and we are looking forward to getting to know him and helping him find his forever home.

Cony was a stray who was taken in by a family who ended up not being able to keep a young dog as they had just had a baby. It is very hard to juggle a baby and a puppy so they surrendered Cony to New Rattitude.

Where did the name Cony come from? Doing a google search I came across the cutest little truck ever! The Cony Guppy.

Cony cars were built by the Aichi Machine Industry Company in Nagoya. The company was founded in 1943 and in 1965 it became part of the Nissan group. Aichi is still operating today, building the Nissan Serena mini-bus. Cony's speciality was building micro-cars with engines below 360cc. The under 360cc class in Japan was taxed at a very low rate, making the cars very inexpensive.

 Well we just thought that such a cute little rattie boy should be named after the Cony Guppy. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos starring Cony our next foster dog.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can You Keep A Secret?

If you can't keep a secret then close this blog post right now!--------

BUT If you can be trusted please continue on to a short story of how Yoshi aka Landau was broke out of prison a few weeks ago in Chelan, WA.

Yoshi's family went on a vacation in Chelan a few weeks ago and they wanted Yoshi to be close by. The place they were staying didn't allow for dogs (I don't believe this was Yoshi's family picking the place to stay) so they decided they would board Yoshi very close to them and then get him during the day to do all the fun things with the family then he could go back to the boarding facility for the night. WELL........

Here is the email I got from Yoshi's dad:

"Just wanted to let you know Yoshi has had a wonderful week in Chelan, mainly because we broke him out of his kennel after two nights! We all couldn't stand the thought of him there and decided to ignore the "no pets" rule and keep him in the condo with us. He's been swimming, hiking and even rode around in a canoe with us today Smiling face with smiling eyes."

Such a handsome boy. I love Yoshi!

I have a very strong feeling there will be no kennels in Yoshi's future :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sierra Update/Settled In

Sierra is doing so wonderfully in her forever home! She has been meeting new people and has found her spot on the back of the couch where she can watch all the things that go on in the world outside her new home, and she can also watch for birds and squirrels! One of her favorite pastimes. Sierra is still shy of the camera but her mom knows how to get around that with some candid pictures of her sweet self. I will caption the pictures with the update I got from her mom.

She loves her spot on the couch looking out the window; first thing in the morning, she must have the curtains open so she can see what's going on in the outside world (and then snooze a little in the sun, when it's out). If we don't open the curtains, she'll nudge them open herself. She has also seen squirrels in the trees around our house, and, as it turns out, if she sees one squirrel in a tree once, she absolutely has to check out the tree for extended period every time she goes by it again, squirrel or no squirrel. If she does see a squirrel (a very rare occasion), she makes sad little "arooooo"ing noises around the base, and is very upset when I tell her that she will never, ever, ever be able to climb up the tree and get it. Poor girl.

...a picture of how dedicated she is to that spot on the couch...even if we haven't moved the cushion down so she can lay on it, she'll lay on it anyway.
Here is Sierra with her dad just snuggling in...her mom writes; Sierra has been doing very well. We bought her a little raincoat to help with her rain-aversiveness, and she doesn't mind the raincoat at all, but Dan reports he took her out in the rain last night without the coat and she didn't care. She does look awfully cute in that coat, though! If I ever manage to catch a picture of her in it, I'll pass it on to you for sure. She's a big goof, always grinning at us and looking for more rubbies and lovies. She's a very happy girl.

More from Sierra's mom; We trained her on "wait," which we use daily when we have to leave the house; we get her to sit across the room from the door, tell her "wait," and then we go out the door and close it, shouting "good girl" behind us. If we don't do this, she tries to follow very adamantly. We also use this before crossing streets. And we used this to get her to hold her sit before eating her meals, and now she will sit and wait until she's given a cue entirely non-verbally. Yay! So impressive!
Sierra snuggling with mom.....We are now teaching her "stand" (she knows "up" for when we pick her up, so we chose a deliberately different word), and she likes that one a lot. I bet it's good for her left back leg to gain that kind of strength and balance, too. It has shown to be useful, too, because the vet clipped her nails, but didn't file them at all, so they were a bit jagged (my father in law got a nasty scratch from her gallivanting across his lap while he was wearing shorts). We happen to have a built in scratch-post (our landlord had cats when he lived here himself), so through a combination of "stand" and lots of treats at the top of the post, I've gotten her to scratch that a bit, and her nails seem better for it (well, on the front feet, at least). Hopefully we'll get to "lay down" next, but that one's been tricky to get started with. As soon as there are treats involved, the last thing she wants to do is put herself in a position that makes them more difficult to get!
Then her birthday "cake," since her presumed birthday in her medical records was July 28th (this is funny and we'll take it, because that is also Dan's mom's birthday, and Dan's family dog, Mocha, has the same birthday as Dan's grandmother). It's just her normal wet food covered with a thin layer of pumpkin, plus an added treat, and her dry food around it.

How great is this update? We are so happy for our Sierra girl, she has come a long ways and we can't thank her mom and dad enough for adopting her and giving her the life she deserves.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pixie The Grasshopper Hunter! Pixie Update

Getting updates from adopters with pictures and little stories of how happy they are with their new baby they adopted is one of the biggest honors a foster parent can receive. It makes our day and always brings a smile to our faces. I will caption the pictures with the update I got from Pixie's dad.

Pixie has been so good for Jasper. He is now down to 23 lbs. Our vet says that for his body size his prime weight is 22 so he has one more to loose. Pixie is holding solid at 19. (Jasper is in front. Looking good Jasper!!!!)
Here are a couple of pics of Pixie and Jasper wresting.
They like to try and get each others necks and make them all wet and sloppy.
They do not hurt each other - just sort of sparring type play. Pixie gets the best of him quite a bit now. 

Pixie's superman is now a flat man. She pulled all the stuffing out of him.

I had to collect it and throw it away as soon as she got it all pulled out for safety.

Pixie has a new pastime grasshopper hunting. Although she has not caught one yet this is one of her favorite pastimes. She usually gets close enough to sniff one and then it flies or jumps away

They are both really enjoying the fenced backyard and so are we. We shortened the back yard by about 75 feet for a more manageable space. You can still see wood and debris in the pics from taking down the trees. Also the nice new fence keeping the little monkeys safe.You can also see Pixie in the background starting to collect toys in the yard. I have to pick up roughly four to seven toys each time I go to water the lawn. She has been a daily crack up for us - what a funny cute girl.
Here are some of Pixies first butterfly catch. It was a small white one.
After she had bitten it she could not understand why it did not want to play anymore. She had to give it a big sniff just to see if it was playing dead or not.
Her dad closes with this: Next week we are heading up to the cascade lakes for Pixie's first camping trip. Jasper I'm sure will be more than happy to show her the camping ropes. We have a 24ft travel trailer which makes it nice. I have a couple of nice tie out leashes which gives them room to roam within our camp site.