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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oskar Takes a Trip To Sedro Woolley Part 2

This would be nice in my yard!
Once we were done with our appointment we decided it would be nice to walk up and back on Metcalf St in Sedro Woolley. We were told of the chain saw sculptures that were around town and goodness were they! They were amazing and I took a few pictures of them for you to enjoy. This really is a charming small town, very clean, very inviting.

There are some wonderful l murals painted on the outside walls of some of the buildings too!

Beautiful sky!

What was this rock hanging here for?

Oh! It was part of the high tech Sedro Woolley weather forecast system.

Nice little town square park.
Hey the sign didn't say "no peeing"! OSKAR!!!

They have beautiful flowers on every lamppost.

We met a VERY large Rat Terrier too!

There was even a nice mural in between the buildings reminding us of days gone by,

All I have to say is this plant needed a little water. :)

I love this picture.

Getting to gnome you...getting to gnome all about you....

Dad hellllllp! Why do you do this to me?

Photo op. By the way I am Oskar and I am available for adoption.

Oskar Takes a Trip To Sedro Woolley Part 1

We had an appointment up in beautiful Sedro Woolley, WA and of course we had to take Oskar with us. Actually Skip went too, so we had just the two boys with us which made for a very easy going afternoon as we are used to at least five and with Oskar that makes six dogs we are usually having fun with. :) Oskar as I have mentioned before rides like a dream in his crate in the car. He goes in excitedly, willingly, and is quiet until we reach our destination, even when it is over an hour away. Tomorrow, in part 2, you will see a bit of the town!

Of course before hitting our appointment we wanted to get a potty/get the wiggles out break in.

Oskar is always so curious, this is one of my favorite things about him.

He loved checking out this remnant of a train track in town.

Smells like old trains?
Here he is enjoying being in the office.

This young man had dog cookies in his office and Oskar found them right away, he was showing his appreciation by asking to get in his lap for some lovin'.

This lady was nice too!

More pets from this nice man who is also Gus' adopter!
We were so proud of Skip to initiate getting a pet. He can be wary of strangers but he felt safe there.

Back to dad for a little reassurance.

Skip even felt comfortable to eat a cookie in the office without waiting to get in the car. Brave boy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Double Take or....Twin Dogs of a Different Mother?

This post has two titles, the first one, Double Take is mine, and the Twin Dogs..... is my husband's (for all you youngsters out there this is a play on the title Twin Sons of a Different Mother, by Dan Folgelberg and Tim Weiseberg). Whichever title you choose I hope you get a kick out of this story.

My husband and I were driving through Monroe this afternoon with all 6 dogs in the car. We were running errands and then going out for a walk in Sultan. As we drove down Main Street I noticed this gentlemen cruising down the sidewalk in a motorized wheelchair with a black dog standing on his lap that looked exactly like Oskar. As we were driving by I blurted out, "look look that looks like Oskar with that man!" Then I ridiculously asked, "Oskar is IN the car isn't he?" This was an absurd question, but from a distance, and as we were driving by, this other dog just looked so much like Oskar, who was all neatly secured in his crate, that it just came spilling out of my mouth. :) After we hit the post office Dave said, "did you want me to go try and find the man and dog again?"  Why yes I did! I was thrilled as I wanted to meet the Oskar look alike and get some pictures. YAY I actually had my new camera with me. We spotted the man and dog again and Dave sped up and pulled in a driveway in front of their path, I jumped out and began asking about his dog and telling him we had a dog who looked just like, Jasmine is her name, in the car. He was very friendly and didn't seem to think I was crazy, and said his dog was a rescue he adopted from Noah Animal Rescue, who originally came from Bakersfield, CA. Well Oskar came from Fresno, but who knows they could be cousins, couldn't they?

First meeting.

Jasmine is so pretty.

It's like they had known each other before.

Yup that was Oskar claiming the pole for Jasmine to see.

I think she is impressed by Oskar's creativity.

Except for the tail it would be tough to tell the difference.

Getting to know you....

Jasmine has Oskar moves.

This is how she rides with her dad, this is what I saw her doing from the car.

White chest hair like Oskar's

Yes she is slightly different looking, more feminine, more Chi, but a close cousin, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Many Moods of Oskars Ears

Can I have a cookie?
Our foster dog Oskar has the cutest ears and they do seem to have a life of their own! Actually ear position has a lot to do with how a dog is feeling at any given moment. These pictures were all taken within a pretty short time frame. We just think he is a very handsome fella :)
Sweet nothings, sweet nothings, sweet nothings...

Mom did you get a new camera?

How many pictures do you need?

That's the spot dad, keep scratching....

Hey where are my ears? (oops how did Jenny get in there?) lol

I am soooo innocent, can't you tell?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oskar out on the town, well kind of...

Oskar is still working on his skills of being out in public. For the most part he does really well. Unless there are big dogs around and then he is afraid. Oskar's fear of larger dogs results in him trying to look as big as he can while barking and acting very tough. When we first arrived there was a large Golden Retriever who was getting in a truck a few cars down and Oskar went right into growlie-barkie mode. I picked him up and he settled down right away. He got a few treats and we just stood and watched the big dog as he got into the vehicle and then we went on our way. We passed a couple of smaller dogs and although he was interested and wanted to pull to meet them he was not reactive. He had fun walking around the town center and smelling all the large potted plants for who was there before. Next we went into Paddywack a high quality pet food store. Oskar was feeling pretty good this afternoon until a couple of Basset Hounds had the gall to be in there. :) We managed to redirect him into the rest of the store and he then was like a "dog in a pet food store" It was close to closing time so we had the store to our selves and a good time was had by all.

Oskar was exploring so fast I couldn't even get a picture.

Hmmmm what could this be?

Whoa what in the heck is that?

This lady is nice....oh yeah, she is the one who gave me a treat earlier. Don't be afraid Skip, she is very nice.

Some dog left his calling card...Oskar of course would never think of doing that :)

Mom! Why does this dog smell funny?

So many toys, so little time....

Hi mom....this is fun....

Toys and treats! Wow this place is great!

What are you looking at for so long?

Mom look what we can do!

OK big dogs, I'm ready for you...

Big dogs?

Hmmmm no one but me on this street.

Oh well I'll just stand here and let you just admire me...