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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jenny, Skip, and Tim On a Thursday Morning Walk

We were in the mood to head out to the Snoqulamie Valley trail just outside of Duvall. We had been running some errands and only had three dogs with us, Jenny, Skip, and Tim. It was such a beautiful day and we needed to stretch our legs and the dogs were ready to get their wiggles out. When we pulled into the parking lot to one of the entrances to the trail we were pleasantly surprised to see there were no other cars parked, hunting season was done for a bit and so we had the chance to go off the main trail with the dogs and wouldn't have to worry about our safety. Luckily it wasn't too awfully muddy and the birds were chirping and grasses blowing. It was a glorious day for a walk before heading home and getting to work.

This is a really cool bridge. Months ago we had done this same walk and Tim would not go over the bridge, he did not like the slotted floor and who could blame him?

This time however Tim didn't seem phased by it, he is walking across like a champ just in front of Jenny on the right.
Midway Tim decided to see if Dave had any treats, and Skip thought that sounded like a good idea too.

Over the bridge and onto more exploring.
Jenny and Tim looking back to see why I am lagging....

Bald Eagle

This was a new beaver dam since the last time we were here. Someone has been busy!

A pair of geese getting ready to start nesting I presume. We will have to come back in a couple of months to see the new goslings.

Sweet Jenny, she is almost 15 years old from our estimations and she never misses a step on our walks. She loves to get out and about and seems to never tire.
Tim enjoying all the smells of the new place.

Come on mom, we are waiting for you...
I had brought one odor hide and so we practiced some nosework with the boys. I hid the odor in one of the many tufts of grass, after some quick deductions Skip was able to find it easily. He is a nosework rockstar!

Here Skip is being rewarding for finding the odor.

Follow the leader....

And back on the main trail Tim scouts up ahead. As you can see no one in sight, we had to whole place to our selves. What a fun little jaunt for all of us.