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Friday, July 3, 2015

Kia Is Celebrating!

We knew when we decided to foster little Kia that she wouldn't be with us long and we were right! In exactly three weeks since we brought her home from her long transport from Central CA Kia will be in her forever and ever home. She will have her very own family with 2 moms, a human brother, a rattie brother, and a kitty too! She is in for the time of her life with lots of adventures and tons of love and we're sure her 25 lb furbrother Oso will show her the ropes and teach her how to be a ratatastic rattie like he is!

She will spend the 4th of July with us then head to her forever home Sunday. Happy Tails little Kia!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kia and Birdie / +5 Videos blog post mash-up

We have been having unusually hot weather in the PNW. Today our thermometer reads 86 in the shade. Our dog Birdie, originally from Texas, is a heat worshiper. Kia does fine with the heat but sometimes she gets too warm when she is outside playing so foster mom makes her come in to cool down. We don't have air conditioning or anything but with things closed up and the fans going it is pretty liveable in the house.

Dave was in for a break from working in his shop and Birdie and Kia decided they needed to both be in his lap, but they both like burrowing and would not settle in unless he covered them up a little. Poor Dave! He was wanting to be cooler and instead got too girls who insisted on a blanket. I did point the fan directly on them all so that helped... a little. :)

Here are five stray videos of little Kia that I wanted to post.

Tim and Kia bitey face cuteness.

This one is of her playing with Tim on the big dog bed. Dave had told me that they were playing so I quietly moved in on them to they would continue to play.

The same day she and Birdie took to playing and Liza (the fun police) makes an appearance in this video.

I got a quick video of Kia fetching a soft mushroom toy that she and Tim have decided is the coveted fetch toy these days. She is doing great with bringing it back for more, we have been working on this and she is doing great!

And here is a cute video of Kia now that I have added the "sit" cue to our training. This was last week I think and she is a champ at sit now. She will sit for others who ask her to as well! Smart little cookie! At the end I asked her to "bump" (touch her nose to my fist) but foster mom was clumsy with the video camera and treat delivery.