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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oskar Really Opens Up!

Body language is a powerful communication in the human and the dog world. Oskar continues to blossom in his foster home and surroundings as evidenced by his body position this afternoon while taking his nap. This is the first time he has sprawled out this much in such a vulnerable position. He stayed like that even with my dogs milling about and me getting up to grab the camera for at least 20 minutes! I always want my foster dogs to feel safe and comfortable here while they await their forever home to come along. Oskar continues to open up and become himself.

Ahhhhh this dog bed is so comfy..

I am getting drowsy....


Nap time, please don't wake me....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oskar Explores The Yard Yet Again.

One of the things we love about Oskar is his curiosity. Even after he has been in the yard every day for almost three months now, he will still wander around and sniff things and explore different areas like he did when he first arrived. This personality trait is just so endearing. It can be very hard to photograph black pups, but I got a few good shots of him milling around the yard the other day.

Strike a pose.

I haven't sniffed this leaf before.

Follow the leader.

This grass tastes good.

You called my name?
Oskar rests in the house after all that exploring.

Beautiful boy!

Liza worms her way onto HER pink blankie.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Boys Waking Up Together

As you might already know we have 5 personal dogs and one foster boy, Oskar. When people first hear we have 6 dogs in our house they are a bit shocked, as I would be, and they instantly think our house is a crazy, barky, chaotic place. Well I won't lie, if someone comes to the door, or a mysterious sound is heard the dogs do get barking and that can be loud. But 97% of the time our home is quiet with dogs just milling around minding their own business. We'll talk later about the 3% when it isn't like that another time :) This morning my husband caught the boys waking up together. It is a chilly September morning, but Oskar, Skip, and Sage shared a sunspot that Oskar found and I think you will agree the tender moments they shared is priceless.

Oskar is first to find the warmth of the sunspot.

Maybe I should think about going back to bed.
 Hi dad, what cha doing?

Sage comes in to join Oskar.
Then Skip joins in.

Oskar getting the scoop on where Skip has been this morning and what mood he is in now.

Dogs get an amazing amount of info simply by sniffing each other.

No need for words this morning.

Oskar and Skip share a tender moment in the sun.

Skip and Oskar just being....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oskar Experiments With Toys

Oskar has been with us for 10 weeks at the time of this post and he is still blossoming and developing. I like to explain to adopters of rescue dogs that they need to expect that their new companion will be changing and developing who they are for months, and most likely years, after they bring the dog home. Because we don't usually know what a dog has been exposed to, or not exposed to, in his previous life before rescue there is a good chance that even after having a dog for a year or more he will still continue to unfold and settle in to who he really is. Oskar did not show a lot of interest in playing with toys in the first couple of months we have had him. He liked to play with other dogs, and tried his paw at fetching a ball when another dog would be playing fetch with us. But he did not pick up tugs or other toys and mouth them and throw them and "kill" them like many ratties do. The other morning I caught him experimenting with playing with a soft squeakie toy and he even shook it a couple of times. It was so cute. Since then he has initiated tug with two of my dogs and he and I have played tug too! Here is Oskar experimenting with a soft toy. (Jenny seemed to want to be on camera too ;)

And outside in the yard Oskar was playing with another toy. He was prancing around and it was the cutest thing!

So just remember if your adopted rattie doesn't play right away, or seems uninterested in toys, just be patient and give it some time, there is a lot going on when transitioning into a new forever home. Just like with humans getting a new job, or moving to a new place, it takes time to figure out who we are and how we fit in. We have to get our bearings, as do adopted rescue dogs. I am always amazed at how a dog unfolds. My personal dogs, who I have had for 3 and 4 years, are still changing and blossoming! It really is a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visiting Mingus, The Happy Tail Just keeps Getting Better!

We are beaming from ear to ear. As foster parents it is impossible not to get attached to our foster dogs, but the joy of seeing them in their forever homes replaces any tears or loss we feel when it is time to say goodbye. Mingus is one of those dogs who gets into your heart and stays there. He went to live in his forever home about 8 weeks ago and he has been busy settling in with his fabulous new mom. He is a dog who had been given up and moved around much too much for his young life but that is not his story anymore. Now he has a new story, and a fan club! Mingus gets to visit his mom's coffee shop frequently and when he does everyone in the neighborhood and beyond comes to visit him. He has such a fan base that his mom says he needs his own public online calendar just so his admirers will know when and where he's available for petting. When we arrived he was in full Mingus greeter mode, ready with love and affection to offer old friends. He is clearly in his element and his mom has been instrumental in helping him to be all that he can be AND to take off the weight he had gained in his previous home. He looks great and his confidence has flourished! It's only happy times for Mingus from now on. What a privilege it has been to foster parent him. We can't wait to visit him and his wonderful mom again!

Hey Mingus remember us?
I think he remembers...
Oh yeah that's the spot foster dad.

Of course we had to bring Oskar in to visit, they are old buddies!

Greeting sniffing..

Tail wagging.

Mingus keeps his eye on the door most of the time, he needs to know when it's time to greet and offer himself for petting.

Oskar wonders what they are looking for.

Mingus teaches Oskar the fine art of being a greeter.

Oskar catches on quickly!

Skip came to visit Mingus too.

He would rather sit with dad and leave the greeting job to Mingus :)

Mingus shows off his svelte and healthy new body. So handsome!

This is a very good friend of Mingus' who sometimes stops by to take him for a walk. He also has had a sleepover and play-date with him and his wife. They love Mingus so much they plan to adopt a rattie of their own. Good job Mingus as New Rattitude's ambassador!!!

Mingus also greets four legged visitors in a polite and mannerly way.

That's the spot.

Skip continues to be most comfortable watching from a distance.

Here Liza and Mingus sit for a treat. Good dogs!

Liza is taught a lesson. You never know when someone will drop by so it best to always keep your eye on the door and be ready.

Picture time!
Until next time Mingus, we love you.....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oskar Takes a Trip To Sedro Woolley Part 3 Bow, WA

After our trip to Sedro Woolley, my foster parents decided to eat lunch at The Rhododendron Cafe in Bow.

After eating a wonderful lunch, Oskar and Skip explore the kitchen garden.

It's always about the nose....

More sniffing.....
Driving home down I5 with such a gorgeous sky and two tired dogs, what could be better?